DRUM – New website coming soon…

New website coming soon…

A movement for deeply useful connection and support between leaders

DRUM® is where leaders…

  • Are able to open-up about their work reality and become entirely self-directed in their development
  • Learn to handle frequently changing environments, take control over situations, and take personal responsibility for themselves, rather than becoming victims of business performance
  • Become a powerful resource for one another and meet each other’s business and leadership needs, thereby reducing the need for external coaching
  • Transfer learned Drum® meeting behaviours and skills to their teams and within other meetings
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“I’m really happy that our Drum® is happening. It is not always easy, it is challenging, but on the other hand it’s kind of like it’s something that makes us feel not corporate, it’s something that makes us feel alive and human.”

Grigory Lavrov, VP & GM Russia, Discovery Inc